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    Shanghai dream door industry limited company is a registered capital of Wu Bai million yuan enterprise, the company set design, production, sales, after sale service in one of the installation. The main products include fast shutter doors, rapid accumulation of high speed rolling door, door, door, door, rapid accumulation of high speed PVC fast door, rapid door, PVC fast shutter doors, rapid accumulation of PVC high speed door, shutter doors, industrial sliding doors, industrial sliding door, shutter door Continental, industrial doors, fast lifting door, automatic door, partition type soft soft door curtain, automatic garage door, industrial door, anti-static film, mobile folding curtain, the hangar door, steel fire door, free door, industrial door hit free, flexible door, folding door, industrial products such as soft glass and other products. The product has the sealing, insulation, sound insulation, dust-proof, anti-static, anti pest control, safe and convenient. Applicable to the food, pharmaceutical, electronics, packaging, printing, plastic, textile, automobile factory, shopping malls, logistics, warehousing and other fields. At the same time, according to the special requirements of customers design and manufacture, to meet the different requirements of customers.
    Companies adhering to the "development of a the interests of customers, product quality as life, market-oriented" business principles, adhere to the "brand, market, science and technology" as the theme, and follow the principle of "customer first, integrity-based" of social production, life, to create a better space. Enterprise tenet: customer satisfaction is our greatest pursuit of "dream".
    Business philosophy: to create a product, provide a service, embody a brand value.
    Business goals: to create the first brand of door industry.
    Enterprise spirit: honesty service; innovation; the pursuit of excellence;
    Product positioning: humanization, internationalization, high-tech, high quality.
    Brand positioning: specialization, internationalization.
    Code of conduct: all customer interests as the starting point, all to the enterprise development as the center.
    Brand: the policy of "customer first, and strive to customer satisfaction"
    Brand: pass rate above 99.8%.
    Customer satisfaction rate: 99.9%.